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In need of a professionally written resume for a job application? No matter how hard you try yourself, it will never look like those samples you see on professional websites. With Resume2Hire, you can now have your perfect resume within hours only. But, is it really worth your money? Here is what we found out about it.

Services Offered By Resume2Hire

When compared to other similar services, Resume2Hire does not necessarily stand out in the crowd with its services. It is the classic offer than you can find everywhere:

  • Professional CV writing
  • Appealing cover letter writing
  • Attractive LinkedIn profile

Simply put, these are the three standards that define your professional profile. You want to draw some attention with a well formatted CV, make a good impression with your cover letter and display a professional attitude when potential employers run into your profile or search for your name.

You do not necessarily have to purchase a whole package with all these though. It depends on your personal needs and expectations, as well as your available budget. Obviously, the more you want, the more sophisticated your package will be, which will also add to the price.

Resume2Hire Packages

There are four packages out there. The basic one involves writing the CV, formatting it and optimizing it for the right keywords. Another basic package covers your LinkedIn profile only, in case you are not familiar with it or you have no idea how to optimize it.

A more advanced package includes a cover letter as well, while the executive package brings in a shorter deadline, all these in one order and the ability to work with one of the top 10% best rated writers in the company. Based on more Resume2Hire reviews, the two top packages are the most complete ones, especially as they also come with an interview guarantee.

Quality of The Services Offered By Resume2Hire

Every service is individualized. Based on your experience, education and goals, you will be matched to a professional writer with experience in the respective industry. This way, you know your resume will be tailored to your expectations.

Quality is visible before you even order. Simply check the free samples on the website. Grammar is perfect. Punctuation is professional. It does not look like a resume, but like a piece of artwork. Formatting makes it easy to read, regardless of how long it is. Only the most important information is highlighted – your potential employer will simply be directed to your strengths.

Guarantees Offered By Resume2Hire

Resume2Hire provides a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will barely find anything to complain about, yet revisions are also accepted if you want anything to be different.

On the other hand, out of four plans, the two more complete packages will also come with a 60 day interview guarantee.

Advantages of Hiring Resume2Hire Resume And CV Writing Services

Resume2Hire is not all about writing a resume or a cover letter. It is also an educational source of information providing some helpful tips and hints for those who want to write their own CVs. The samples on site can give you some hints about what to expect, yet they can also teach you a few things about how to do it right. Moreover, you have a page with tips for a perfect CV.

It offers four different packages, so it means there is something for everyone. Whether you only want a resume to spread around or you want a fully professional presence, you got it covered.

Just like any other service, you will find a few negative Resume2Hire reviews, but overall, you will be happy to know that most customers are happy with the final result.

Our Verdict

Bottom line, we found Resume2Hire to be quite diversified. You will learn a few things and you can be assured that your resume will look as good as the samples – even better. Grammar is perfect – not a single mistake. Punctuation respects the highest quality standards as well.

We found the service to be prompt and straightforward. We could not find any contact options straight away, which is a bit difficult when it comes to a writing service, especially if you have to ask questions upfront. However, the good news is that you should find all the information you need while browsing the website.

We could tell that cover letters are written from scratch. There are plenty of customization details for them to be drafted upfront. Many companies do that, but it seems Resume2Hire does it from scratch. The deadline was successfully met.

All in all, the service has the basic services you can find in pretty much any other service. The missing contacts might be the only minus, while everything else seems to raise to the expectations – definitely a good service to deal with.

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Editor-in-Chief at
Alice is a freelance career consultant and resume writer. She has 6 years of hiring experience as a recruiter for US startups.

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