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Writing a resume yourself might seem easy – after all, who knows you better than yourself? However, when you realize no one is calling you back, chances are something is wrong with your resume. A professional service like ResumeHelp.Com might be the key to drawing some attention. But then, is it actually worth it?

Services Offered By ResumeHelp

Unlike other similar websites, ResumeHelp will not try to entice you with all kinds of bells and whistles. There are no fancy packages or services, but just a basic one – resume writing. Also, if you want to include a cover letter with your resume – and you actually should, you will have to write it yourself, as this service is not included.

Understanding how ResumeHelp works will save a lot of unexpected situations. There are a few negative ResumeHelp Com reviews based on the procedures, yet everything is crystal clear as you load the first page. This is not a resume writing service. Your project will not be assigned to an executive writer to do it for you.

Instead, you gain access to a series of professional templates, but you will have to add the information yourself. It is easy and you are in full control.

ResumeHelp Packages

There are no packages available on ResumeHelp. Instead, you get a list of samples, which you can download at adjusting yourself. The samples do not include any personal data, but they are only the templates. Based on the template you choose, you will have to pay the Resume Help cost and add all the information yourself.

Quality of The Services Offered By ResumeHelp

Based on a series of ResumeHelp reviews, there are no doubts about the quality of such services. You are free to check yourself, as many free samples are available on the official website. What do you have to look at then? Mostly pay attention to the structure, as this is the one thing that will remain the same. Everything else will have to be changed based on your experience.

The educational guides and tips are just as handy. Unlike other similar portals that provide general help and advice, ResumeHelp goes straight to the point. You are told what kind of words to use, what pronouns, what kind of numbers and so on. Basically, it is not the kind of service that will tell you to be more specific about your experience, but the type of service that will tell you to use strong words like “lead”, “manage” or “responsible” – straight to the point.

Guarantees Offered By ResumeHelp

There are no guarantees offered by ResumeHelp. It is easy to tell why – you know precisely what you get for your money. You are not promised the world, only to realize that your CV is less likely to impress the world. You get a template that you actually see before purchasing it. You are given some tips and advice that actually make sense – they come for free.

Assuming that you follow all these rules and adjust the CV based on the location and industry, there should be no way to fail. So, is Resume Help legit without any guarantees? Absolutely. It leaves no room for surprises.

Advantages of Hiring ResumeHelp Resume And CV Writing Services

It is hard to find any complaints about ResumeHelp because the service is transparent. Simply put, the benefits of choosing it are quite obvious:

  • What you see is what you get
  • No room for surprises or unexpected situations
  • Excellent value for money
  • Ability to find resume templates and designs based on the industry
  • Extremely detailed tips and suggestions on the content
  • Plenty of templates

For all these benefits, the only minus is that you need to write everything yourself. However, with so many tips and samples on the official website, the whole venture should be over in no time.

Our Verdict

Our Resume Help review is based on a simple experience. It feels like shopping for a new T shirt in a local store. There are no unexpected surprises, so you are less likely to find many negative reviews out there. You see what you like, you try it and you pay for it – this is how ResumeHelp works too. You do not have to pay for anything in advance.

While an executive writer might be a good idea at times, it can cost a few times more than resume templates. Furthermore, you get all the tips and ideas required to come up with prolific content for your resume. Searching for templates regarding an industry or a location makes the whole experience even better.

Visible and easy contacts also convinced us about the authenticity of ResumeHelp. If there is nothing to hide, there are no reasons not to publicly display contacts.

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