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Resume professional writers may look like a new company in this line of business, but they actually have been with us for a long period of time. They specialize resume writing services and they offer you several additional options. All of that and much more will be explained in our resume professional writers review.

Services Offered By resume professional writers

The first thing we must mention is the list of services provided by the company. There are a lot of them and most are completely focused on resume writing. Anyway, the complete list of main services looks like this.

  • Resume writing
  • CV writing
  • Federal resume writing
  • LinkedIn profile writing
  • Job board posting

These were the main services which will probably be most common for the highest number of customers. However, there are additional services as well. They are:

  • Statement of Purpose for College Admission $190
  • Electronic resume $30
  • Cover letter $80
  • Biography $150
  • Annotated Portfolio Writing $500
  • Opening Statement in Job Interview $150
  • Comprehensive Salary Report $100
  • KSA $100
  • Executive Core Qualifications $500
  • Resume Website $380
  • Essay $80 per page
  • Reference Page $30

Due to the sheer number of additional services we included the prices for each one. The prices are permanent and they are present on the website of the review.

Resumeprofessionalwriters Packages

Obviously, in our review we will mention the process regarding the resume writing services. An interesting fact is that there are several quality options you can choose. With the quality increase, the turnaround time will decrease. You have these options at your disposal.

  • Basic resume with 4 days turnaround time
  • Deluxe level and it will be delivered within 3 days
  • Premium resume within 2 days
  • Ultimate resume within 24 hours

It is up to you to decide which level of writing quality you need. Keep in mind that regardless of which level you choose there won’t be mistakes, errors, and poor vocabulary usage. All options come with unlimited revisions included.

In the case of the deluxe level, you get thank you letter and cover letter. These additions are standard for premium and ultimate resume writing levels as well.

Quality provided By Resumeprofessionalwriters

The quality is in one word, exceptional. All resumes are written by writers with years of experience, native English speakers and each one will meet your criteria. There are no mistakes, as we have mentioned earlier and the deadline is always met.

In a nutshell, the quality is carefully selected according to the expertize level a customer chooses. We tested several levels and we are more than just pleased with the outcome. Be certain that you will get a job with a resume written by this company.

Guarantees offered by Resume professional writers

If you used resume writing services in the past you would know that there are one or two guarantees a company provides. Well, this isn’t the case with resume professional writers. In reality, they offer several guarantees and we will now mention all of them.

  1. Unlimited revisions- Each customer gets the ability to get free revisions of the resume countless times. Once you are satisfied, you can stop using this guarantee.
  2. Free document storage- Your resume in the MS Word document can be stored on the official servers indefinitely.
  3. Free resume update- Once you make a change that needs to be included in the resume, resume professional writers will make a revision for free.

The last warranty is standard for these companies. Basically, they will re-write the resume if you don’t get a job within 60 days. You will need to contact the customer support and you will need to explain the matter. The new resume will be delivered within 3 business days.

Advantages of using resume professional writers

Resume professional writers are pure professionals with a long history in this kind of business. The main advantage is the simplicity paired with the quality and options. You can easily choose which level of expertize you need and place your order within minutes. The prices are reasonably affordable, but you can also use resume professional writers promo code which will make them even more affordable.

The next advantage lies in the additional services this company has to offer. You can get all kinds of related services and you can find services which are no available on competitive companies.

Our Verdict

Now is the time to provide you the verdict. All resume professional writers reviews are similar due to a simple reason. These guys are professionals and they can meet your requirements just perfectly. The list of services is long and you can choose the expertize level you want. The list of sub-services is even longer so you can get almost anything you need. You have our recommendation and you should make this company your priority, especially if you need all kinds of services related to your career.

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