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Resumespice comes with interesting capabilities. They are some of the most developed and the most professional service providers of this kind on the web and there are countless reasons why we believe this. Anyway, you will see it in the review right here right now.

Services offered by Resumespice

This provider offers ordinary and well-known services regarding resume writing, but at the same time, they provide more advanced and rare services some of you will find interesting. The full list of services is:

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile writing
  • Career coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • Professional resume
  • Career assessment
  • Thank you letter
  • Outplacement services

Here you go. The full list of services Resume Spice has to provide. Basically, you can find any service you will need, associated with your job or better said job searching. When we take a closer look at the resume writing services, we can see that there are three levels. They are entry-level, professional and expertise.

Resumespice Packages

As we mentioned earlier, there are three expertize levels offered. Each one has a different price. Entry level service is used for customers with up to 2 years of experience and it will cost $199. The professional is for customers with more than 2 years of working experience and the price is $299. The executive is for high-end customers who want the most and the price is $399. Keep in mind that these are prices for resume writing services only. The prices for other services are:

  • Cover letter $129
  • LinkedIn profile $119
  • Interview preparation $119
  • Professional bio $129
  • Thank you letter $119

Career coaching comes with another price list. One coaching session is $199, three are $549 and five are $829.

Career assessment is available in 2 options. The first one is DISC Assessment and it cost $99. The DISC Assessment will cost you $149. The same prices are used for Workplace Motivators Assessment (with report only and with report and consultation).

Quality of the Resumespice services

All Resumespice reviews, you can see are 100% positive due to the same reason. The quality these guys offer is exceptional. They hire only the best writers with years of experience and as such, errors are completely eliminated. There are no other issues whatsoever and you can see the quality of each service as soon as you order it. We even checked the samples provided on the official website and we analyzed them completely. The end result is just phenomenal.

This applies to all the services. Regardless of which one you choose you will get the superb overall resume quality, advanced interview preparation and so much more. Career assessment services are exceptional as well and we believe probably some of the best on the web.

Guarantees Resume Spice offers

The first guarantee is obvious in the line of business. All resumes that are sent to the customers are checked first and they must meet your criteria 100%. If you are not satisfied, you can appeal to the support team and they will correct the issues.

60 days after you receive the resume, if you are not hired, you can request free resume re-writing. In order to get this option, you must send the resume to 15 companies at least and you must contact the Resume Spice on the provided email. Also, you will have to include the evidence of what those companies answered to you.

Advantages of Resume Spice

It isn’t difficult to understand that the first and the main advantage is in the complexity of the provided services. Basically, you get the most complete job-focused help you can find. These guys will train you for your new job, assess your career and also provide you with the ultimate resume. All you have to do is to get the job.

Obviously, the first advantage is in the list of services Resume Spice offers to all customers. But, there is one advantage more. The quality of the resumes is just exceptional and this is going to have a huge impact on your job application and your career. They also provide additional career-based services which are exceptionally important for all newbies.

We also liked the ability to find Outplacement Services at Resume Spice. This is a separate list of services completely focused on the employers. For instance, you can get help on how to decrease the unemployment costs and how to maintain a good picture of your brand.

Our Verdict

Should be used today? Definitely yes. First and foremost, they are not focused on one service only. They offer you a long list of services all oriented towards employment. You can get resume, training, career assessment and so much more. The prices  are not the most affordable in the industry, but they are far from the most expensive! Here, you can get all the needed help for your new job within minutes.

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