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It takes on average more than 80 average CVs sent out to get a job. Everyone hopes for the best when they apply for one job or another, but the truth is most people have average CVs, regardless of their experience or qualifications. Our Resume Target review will introduce you to a service that dominates the market when it comes to resume writing. So, what should you know about it?

Services Offered By Resume Target

Resume Target is not just writing resumes, but getting you ready for everything you need in order to land a good job.

  • Resume writing
  • Resume refreshing
  • Resume distribution
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Interview coaching

In other words, you get your resume refreshed or written from scratch, as well as a cover letter. You are then submitted to a resume distribution network with thousands of potential employers, but you are also coached for the upcoming interviews. Since most employers research their applicants online too, having a professional LinkedIn profile will add to your professional image.

You do not necessarily need all these services in one big package, but just the main ones. Having all of them will increase your expenses – obviously, it depends on your available budget.

Resume Target Packages

Apart from an individual package for each of the above mentioned services, you should know that resume writing is split into more subcategories. It normally depends on your experience level. You have a package for students and entry level applicants, one for middle career applicants, one for professional applicants and one for executive applications.

Each package comes with a different resume services cost. Also, you can mix packages based on your needs, such as resume writing and LinkedIn profiles or resume writing and cover letters.

Quality of The Services Offered By Resume Target

Resume Target employs a team of executive writers and human resources specialists. It offers a plethora of services, hence the necessity of more professionals. Specialists may help with interview coaching and tips for applications, while the executive writers will complete your actual resume.

There is no guesswork involved when choosing ResumeTarget. If you are not sure about the quality, you should simply check the free samples offered on the official website. It is impossible to find any errors or mistakes, so you can leave yourself in good hands. The structure is perfect and highlights the most significant information.

Guarantees Offered By Resume Target

ResumeTarget comes with a triple guarantee promise. First of all, you have a 90 day interview guarantee. It makes no difference what package you choose. Get your resume and distribute it to all the places that you are interested in.

Second, you have a three business day turnaround. It takes a few days because each resume is written from scratch and individualized based on the industry and your experience level, so the structure is likely to be different from those samples.

Third, you can count on a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It is worth noting that the triple guarantee promise does not apply to resume refreshing services.

Advantages of Hiring Resume Target Resume And CV Writing Service

When trying to find a top resume career services review, you want to know the benefits that set one service apart from the rest. Based on multiple Resume Target reviews, this service comes with a plethora of benefits. Most importantly, you got the quality – this is the main reason wherefore you hire such a service instead of writing the resume yourself. You can tell the quality from free samples.

Other than that, you want full flexibility. Despite having a plethora of services and packages, Resume Target allows you to choose the ones you want and mix them up, rather than give you limited options by mixing packages.

It is also important to know that resumes are written from scratch. Our test had plenty of small details that showed up everywhere, so it was literally impossible to get a customized template. This kind of attitude is encouraging and ensures everyone gets what they need.

Our Verdict

Bottom line, we find ResumeTarget to be a complete service. We were impressed by how the executive writer deals with the customer once the package is purchased. The customer service is flawless, while representatives are polite and patient.

We found multiple contact options, which means you can get in touch prior to ordering too, just in case you have any questions. You can contact the service by email, live chat and phone. It makes no difference how dumb your questions might seem.

The multiple guarantees give you a well deserved peace of mind that everything is alright. Besides, quality is less likely to disappoint you. Overall, the service was good and clearly worth some attention. Some educational guides are also available on the official website.

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