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Today we focused our full attention to the Resumewritinggroup. They offer all kinds of resume-based services and more and they provided over 80.000 resumes to all parts of the globe. The website is very easy to use and you can order your new resume or another service within minutes. The ordering process is slightly different than other companies have to offer, as you shall see below.

Services and packages Resume Writing Group offers

In our Resume Writing Group review, you can see all the services this company has to offer. In order to make things easier, they are divided into three groups. The first group is focused entirely on the resume writing services and there are several levels you can choose from. They are:

  1. Student- The level of expertise is entry
  2. Professional resumes
  3. Senior and high-level
  4. Federal and government resumes

Next, you can choose additional options which are not related to the first section of services. Here you can get:

  1. Cover letters
  2. Thank you letters
  3. Keyword targeted resume
  4. LinkedIn profile writing

The aforementioned services are designed to help you get a job easily and to submit your resume within days. However, the Resume Writing Group also offers several career-based services. They are:

  • Career coaching, pro package
  • Career coaching lite
  • Jobs by fax (your resume will be sent to thousands of employers and the price will depend on that)
  • Job hunter (they will find companies that look employees like you)

In a nutshell, Resumewritinggroup com provides you a complete set of services you will need to get a new job. You can get a resume, a cover letter, and even career coaching. If that isn’t enough, they will also find companies who are looking for employers like you are. Keep in mind that coaching is performed by a telephone.

Level of quality provided by Resumewritinggroup

The quality here is something you can choose easily. Basically, you can opt for an entry-level resume which will be suitable if you don’t have work experience. It is obvious that the resume must be provided in the corresponding writing style. Professional resumes are a bit better and they are reserved for those who want an outstanding resume. According to the company’s statistic, over 90% of customers choose this option.

Senior and high-level resumes are also available at Here the resume will be as stunning as possible. As a matter of fact, some Fortune 500 people have been using precisely this option. The last but not least important is the government resume. They target specific employers and they are professionally written.

Regardless of which level of service you choose, the quality will be excellent. Don’t expect to see mistakes, poor vocabulary or anything similar that may have a negative effect on the resume.

When we take a look at the career coaching services, we can see the only positive side. A person who will be coaching you has plenty of experience and he or she is a professional in the matter. Expect to get useful and much-needed help within days and expect to be stunned with the results.

Guarantees Resume Writing Group offers

If you take a look at the Resume Writing Group reviews of the customers who used these services a couple of times, you can see that the guarantee is always met. There are two main types of guarantees all customers get. The first one is the satisfaction which must be met. If you are not satisfied with the writing quality or any other issue, you can contact the support team and they will sort it out within hours.

The second guarantee is very interesting. Basically, you need to send your new resume to 40 companies. If none of them hires you, you can ask your money back. They will issue a full refund and they will even give you $100. Remember that you will need evidence that you weren’t hired. However, this guarantee is rarely used and most customers don’t have a need to use it. It is also possible to get corrections instead of refund until you get a resume that meets your criteria.

Our Verdict

Resume writing company reviews of the customers are positive. The same applies to our review. We believe they are pure professionals and they are capable of meeting any requirement you may have in mind. Your new resume will be professionally written and you will probably get a job with the help of it. Don’t forget that there are additional services all related to new jobs and career so you can get career advising and so much more. The bottom line is that the company exceeds our expectations and it is highly recommended.

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